Call for Papers


Publishment & Index:

1.    IGTA 2017 accepts papers in Chinese and English.

 2.    All the accepted and registered English papers in this conference will expect to be published by the international publisher, springer. The IGTA conference proceedings has been searched by EI for four consecutive years.

3.    All the accepted and registered Chinese papers in this conference will be published by the conference proceedings. Also, excellent Chinese papers will be recommend to journals.

4.    Please submit the title and abstract of your manuscript. Meeting communication can be in both Chinese and English.





Conference Chair: Yongtian Wang

Program Committee Chair: Xiaoru Yuan, Ran He, Jian Yang

Organizing Chair: Xiangyang Ji, Yue Liu

Conference Date: June 30- July 1, 2017

Conference Venue: International education communication and cooperation center of Beijing institute of technology

Conference website:

Contact Information: (+86) 010-82525258

Organizer: Beijing Society of Image and Graphics (BSIG)    

Supporter: Beijing institute of technology

Assist by: The Beijing municipal science and technology association, Springer



Submission Guidelines:


1.    Paper submission website:

2.    For English manuscripts, prospective authors should use Springer paper templates to prepare your paper. Both word and pdf format are acceptable. Papers should no more than 10 pages.


3.    For Chinese manuscripts, prospective authors should use the paper templates provided by:

4.    Please email to if you have any question about your contribution. Contact telephone: 010-82525258


Paper Subjects:


1.    Image processing and enhancement technology (Image information acquisition, image and video coding, Image and video transmission, Image and video storage, compression, restoration, defogging, reconstruction, and display etc.)

2.    Biometric feature recognition technology (Face, Fingerprint, Iris, Palm print etc.)

3.    Machine vision and 3D reconstruction (Vision information acquisition, Camera calibration, Stereo vision, 3D reconstruction, the application of machine vision in industry detection etc.)

4.    Big data video and image analysis and understanding (Targets detection and identification, Image and video retrieval, Image segmentation, matching, analysis, understanding)

5.    Computer graphics (Modeling, Rendering, Algorithm simplification and acceleration technology, Realistic scene generation, 3D reconstruction algorithm, Systems and applications etc.)

6.    Visualization and visual analysis (Scientific visualization, Information visualization, Visual analysis)

7.    Virtual reality and human-computer interaction (Virtual scene generation technology, Large space tracking and location technology, Augmented reality technology, Human - Computer Interaction Technology Based on Computer Vision etc.) Games and animation (Digital Media Planning and Design, Game engines, 3D stereo game, Animation, Virtual human etc.)

8.    The applications of image and graphics (Image and video processing and transmission, Biomedical engineering application, Information security, Digital watermarking, Text processing and transmission, Remote sensing, Telemetry etc.)

9.    Other related work in the field of images and graphics technology and application



Important Dates:


Submission Deadline: March 15, 2017

Decision to Authors: April 15, 2017

Conference Date: June 30- July 1, 2017